Create P2P Crypto Exchange like Paxful – A Complete Guide


Create P2P Crypto Exchange like PaxfulNowadays, cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing gradual growth in the crypto market. According to Allied Market Research Analysis, the market size of the crypto exchange is projected to reach $4.94 billion by 2030. Speaking about crypto exchanges growth, Peer to Peer (P2P) crypto exchange is popular among people by their simple trading options and lower trading fees. Because of that, many startups are interested to Create a P2P Crypto Exchange.

The crypto market already has top-class Peer to Peer exchanges. They are the best in the industry based on their attributes. But out of them, Paxful leads the way here. Because Paxful does not take a fee when you buy and sell crypto. This creates more awareness among people to use Paxful for trading. So developing a crypto exchange similar to Paxful would be the choice of many Startups.

When it comes to a business, it is good to know completely about the business you are going to start. So, with this article, you can learn about the Paxful exchange from the basics and about the benefits, features, and cost to create a crypto exchange like Paxful.

What is Paxful?

The Paxful is a leading P2P Ads-based crypto exchange, particularly facilitating bitcoin trading. Here the user can post an Ad with the requirements like cost and bitcoin units to sell/buy. The buyer and seller can see the available ads relevant to their requirements. When a buyer or seller interacts with that Ad post, the trade start begins between them directly. So to offer secure trading, the escrow system carries the funds till the transaction gets completed. 

Moreover, Paxful provides free wallet access to its users worldwide. Around the world, more than 3 million people use Paxful’s wallet to store and trade bitcoins. Speaking further, Paxful gives support to more than 350 payment methods and is one of the top Peer to Peer crypto exchanges recording higher trade volume on daily basis. This is why people feel more comfortable trading using Paxful exchange. 

Now you have got a basic understanding of how Paxful works and why it is popular. Well! Let’s take a look at the…

P2P Crypto Exchange like Paxful – Benefits to know

When it comes to business, the entrepreneurs’ most thinking topic would be the benefits they can earn by starting the business. In this case, knowing about the benefits of this crypto-related business, they can begin their exchange business without any hindrance. So, here let us see the benefits and cost to start a Crypto Exchange like Paxful.

Global Reach

Paxful is a renowned P2P crypto exchange platform that is almost known to millions of people. The users are not from any particular country or region; they have users all over the world. So, by creating a P2P crypto exchange like Paxful with features like multilingual support, your crypto exchange could easily reach a global audience. As a result, you can develop your exchange business to the next level.

High Success Rate

Paxful has created a successful path as a P2P crypto exchange in the crypto industry. This is because of their collective trading strategies and user engagement. When you create a crypto exchange similar to Paxful, its hype may help you to achieve a high success rate in your crypto exchange business very soon. 

Revenue Generation

Revenue streams are an important factor in raising the business further. Paxful crypto exchange yields revenue from various fees like trading, withdrawal, etc. According to an online source Zoom Info, the annual revenue of Paxful is around $39.3 million. So, if you develop a Paxful-like exchange, you can also implement the possible revenue streams in your exchange and earn from diverse revenue streams.    

Higher User Interaction

According to the official website of Paxful, it has more than 10 million users worldwide. And Paxful is recording the highest user interaction as per daily trade volume. In addition, it is common that, the users of any platform may seek an alternative if they are dissatisfied with the current one. Similarly, considering that condition, you may get some more user interaction if your crypto exchange meets such users’ needs.

So far we have seen the basics and benefits of developing a Paxful-like Crypto Exchange. With this, a startup can have enormous opportunities by starting a P2P crypto exchange business. They can also shine like Paxful in the global market. 


P2P Exchange like Paxful – How to Create?

Speaking about the development method, you can create a crypto Exchange like Paxful in two ways. One is creating from scratch, while the other is creating using the Paxful clone script. 

Developing from scratch needs a lot of time and effort. You have to check all the phases of the development process from the very beginning. In this method, a small mistake can lead to elevated losses of time and money. 

So now, the alternative and effective method of to create a P2P Crypto Exchange is using the Paxful clone script. Because clone script is the software used to create a platform similar to the existing one. You can add the necessary changes based on your business needs with its customization capability.  

When you create a crypto exchange using a Paxful clone script, you can develop a feature-rich P2P crypto exchange in a cost-effective manner. More than that, the development process takes minimal time and money. As a result, you can meet your business needs more quickly. So, for startups, developing a crypto exchange using the Paxful clone script would be an ideal solution.

To avoid risks and to enjoy the full features of creating a crypto exchange like Paxful, you may choose a renowned Paxful Clone Development Company like Zab technologies. We let you meet your business needs competently. With our team’s skills and experience in P2P Crypto Exchange development, you could establish your business successfully.

Features of using our Paxful Clone Script

To make your crypto exchange globally competitive in the crypto market, features that you integrate into your P2P ads-based crypto exchange are important. In addition to that, the security features we provide could support you in protecting your users from fraudulent activities. The following are the magnificent features that come with our P2P crypto exchange developed using our Paxful clone script. 

Core Features

  1. Buy/sell Ads posting
  2. User Dashboard
  3. Admin Panel
  4. Real-Time Statistics
  5. Several payment options
  6. Referral Program
  7. Escrow Service
  8. Admin Profit
  9. Affiliate Program
  10. KYC verification
  11. Wallet Integration
  12. User messaging system

Security Features 

  1. CSRF Protection
  2. SSRF Protection
  3. Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)
  4. DDoS Protection
  5. Two Factor Authentication
  6. SQL Implementation
  7. Email Authentication
  8. HTTP authentication

We provide selective features which are currently trending in the market and could give uniqueness to your crypto exchange. In addition, our development process copes with customer satisfaction to bring them a successful business. This is how we are always committed to providing a pleasant experience for our clients. 

If a startup businessman needs a feature-loaded and secured P2P ads-based crypto exchange, they can engage with ZAB technologies for a successful crypto exchange business. The crypto exchange developed with the Paxful clone script is leading the market because of its unique features. So considering the benefits and features, you may now be interested in developing a crypto exchange with our Paxful clone script. In this case, the next thing you may feel difficult to guess is the cost to start a crypto exchange like Paxful.

So let us see the…

Cost to Create a P2P Crypto Exchange using Paxful Clone Script

Generally, the developmental cost is the first thing the startup may think about before creating a crypto Exchange. Because they have different ideas about their crypto exchange development. And speaking about business needs varies from business to business. 

When you approach Zab Technologies, the estimated developmental cost is around $8000 to $14000. Here, the cost is estimated only based on the features mentioned above. Considering the market state, the P2P exchange we develop a highly cost-effective solution that is available with all essential features.

Therefore, when you engage with Zab Technologies for your P2P crypto exchange development, our focus is to make your crypto exchange perfectly fit your budget and satisfy all your business needs. 

Why Choose ZAB Technologies to develop P2P crypto exchange?

ZAB Technologies is a renowned Clone Script Development Company known for the technical standards in Peer to Peer crypto exchange Development. Our team of experts analyzes the full case from idea gathering to deployment when create a P2P Crypto Exchange like Paxful. So, you may set relaxed to continue your other works on business development. Our team will take care of the progress on your behalf.

In addition, we use cutting-edge technology and the most progressive tool available in creating a P2P crypto exchange like Paxful. Our flexible Paxful clone script could support you in case of modifying your exchange as per your business demand. Moreover, our support team is always present to assist you with any business need.

This is what startups need to build a crypto exchange business successively. So, get in touch with ZAB Technologies to develop a cost-efficient, feature-loaded, and customer-friendly P2P crypto exchange like Paxful. Together, let us build your dream of owning a Paxful-like P2P Crypto Exchange Business.

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