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ICO script softwareIn this digital world, every startup has a dream of starting a crypto business and gaining a good amount of profits in the crypto sector. Those startups will have unique business ideas and projects in their hands but they might not have the required funds for executing them. That is where the crypto crowdfunding platform comes into the picture. The crowdfunding platform based on cryptocurrencies will let the startups quickly raise the funds for their projects. As per the current market, there are different types of crypto crowdfunding strategies that grab the attention of startups and entrepreneurs. Such as ICO, IEO, IDO, STO, ILO, and IFO. Among these strategies, ICO is one of the simplest and easiest ways to raise funds.

ICO stands for Initial Coin offerings which have been accepted as the crowdfunding method to increase the funds in the crypto space. Startups will launch their own crypto tokens and sell their tokens in exchange for Bitcoins or Ethereum. By selling the tokens, startups can raise their funds through the ICO platform. In that sense, Initial Coin Offering Platforms are similar to Initial Public Offering for private companies to seek public investment without tight regulation associated with raising funds in public and state-regulated exchanges. One thing is pretty clear. ICO’s are switching over different phases which is undoubtedly true.

From that perspective, the token sale platform may look more like a traditional market, underlined with its own unique characteristics, than just a wild, fledgling hype. That makes it such an exciting space to be in! That’s why many crypto startups and entrepreneurs are showing their interest in launching their own ICO websites by using the ICO script software. 

If you aren’t aware of ICO script software, then this blog is dedicated to you. In this article, let us deeply discuss the ICO script with its features, benefits, and more. 

Before knowing about this script, let us quickly have a small recap on what an ICO actually is!

So, What is an ICO?

In simple terms, an Initial Coin Offering is one of the popular crypto fundraising strategies since 2014. Because at that time, the most prominent blockchain platform – Ethereum raised $2.3 million which made many startups prefer ICO for raising funds in the crypto sector. ICO is an entity with the value specified by an eminent person. You can issue a token of yourself and users will be able to buy your tokens through the ICO website. This literally means you can launch tokens and raise funds through them. In simple words, ICO is recognized as the crypto token sales platform where the newly launched crypto tokens will be sold to the users. 

In the ICO platform, the investors will be responsible for buying tokens based on fiat currencies or crypto coins. These investors will buy these ICO tokens with the intention that token prices will rise in the future after listing in the crypto exchanges. The best part of ICO is minimum investment. Also, anyone can launch an ICO platform and raise funds in the crypto industry. There will be no intervention of any central authority or government. Besides, the whole ICO development process is simple and easy when compared to other crypto crowdfunding models in the crypto industry. 

Now, let us see…

What is an ICO Script? 

ICO script is the pre-designed ICO website software that holds all the basic features of the ICO platform. By using this ICO script software, you can build and deploy a secure ICO website platform within a few days. Since it is ready-made software it can be easily customized as per your business requirements in a trouble-free manner. As the owner of the platform, you can conduct crypto token sales and raise funds effectively. ICO script software is completely designed, developed, multi-tested, and ready for deployment. It supports multiple crypto-assets for payments such as bitcoin, ethereum, binance coin, and more. This script comes with an amazing ICO dashboard that enables your investors to purchase your crypto tokens easily. The advanced user-friendly interface in the ICO dashboard script will help in attracting several crypto users to your platform. 

Desirable Features of ICO Script Software

Features that you enable in the ICO platform are more important for attracting crypto investors. Because features always play an important role in launching a successful ICO website for raising funds. Here we list some of the exclusive features that you can get in the bug-free and customizable ICO script software.

  1. Accept major crypto coins
  2. Investor dashboard
  3. Admin panel
  4. KYC/AML solutions
  5. Token pricing control
  6. MLM program
  7. Two-factor authentication
  8. Bonus system
  9. Referral program
  10. Advanced custom UI/UX
  11. Multi-lingual assistance 
  12. Real-time statistics 
  13. High-end security systems

 Benefits of using ICO Script Software

  1. You can get real-time and secure reporting along with the superfine analytics software. So that the admin of the platform can make the decision easily. 
  2. It comes with a top-notch admin dashboard which enables the admin to manage all the functions and other security aspects. 
  3. You can view and manage the pretending crypto token transactions in a hassle-free manner.
  4. This ICO script software comes with the referral program and affiliate configuration 
  5. You can set up unlimited referral levels and also you can set unique referral URLs for each user in the platform.
  6. You can easily manage your token sale with this script software
  7. Our premium ICO script software provides high reliability and security for payments that are happening on the platform.
  8. Our script helps in viewing the real-time statistics of token sales and funds raised on the platform. 
  9. Our ICO script software supports multiple languages which help in grabbing several crypto investors globally. 
  10. The installation of the ICO script software is simple and there is no need for any technical knowledge.
  11. You can customize the functions, visuals, and other add-ons as per your business necessities. 

You can yield all these benefits by getting the bug-free and customizable ICO script software from the reputed ICO development company in the blockchain industry. 

How to Launch an ICO Website Successfully by using ICO Script Software? 

If you are planning to launch a power-packed ICO website platform by using the premium ICO script software, then you need to consider a few prerequisites before initiating the process. Here is a checklist to ensure:

Value of ICO Project

Your crypto tokens should match the value of the product that the company is developing to bring to the market. It is mandatory that you know your target audience and the price they are willing to pay for your blockchain-powered crypto tokens. It is suggested that to test run-ideas and get some initial feedback so that improvement can be done. You must create an account with Reddit with a thread of Bitcoin Talk Forum to engage with crypto investors and traders.


To create the best ICO website and raise funds for your business, then the crypto regulation should be taken into consideration. Make a plan in which country you are seeking to launch and pay close attention to the present and future cryptocurrencies.

Create an ICO token and have a distribution plan

Creating a crypto token is the most essential one for launching an ICO website platform and raising funds. Crypto token holds a separate value and can be used for various purposes. When it comes to crypto token development, you need to choose the right blockchain. Because some blockchain platforms are primarily used for token creation. Such as Ethereum, Tron, Binance smart chain, and waves. Among these blockchain networks, the Ethereum platform is the most suggested one where you can create crypto tokens for raising funds effectively and you need to note down the basic tools required to create ERC20 tokens for your business. There are a plethora of crypto token development companies ready to provide you with the best crypto token creation services but the thing is you need to hire the developers from the genuine crypto token development company in the industry.

Write a white paper

To launch an ICO website by using the premium ICO script, it is crucial to have a whitepaper on board with clear requirements stated. A Whitepaper is an essential document that contains the entire information explaining your crypto project information, market analysis, vision, mission, business development, etc. Make sure you draft the white paper properly.

Launch a website

A website is something you represent your project and organization in words. A website is a wealth of information about the team, the objectives, and the goals of your ICO project.

Community Building

Be active on popular media platforms such as Slack, Telegram, etc to gain potential users. Additionally, Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be your next preferred choice. Building a community to popularize your tokens paves the way to a successful ICO launch.

Credible Support from the Industry

With a large number of ICO projects launched at a frequent interval, the presence of support from the industry is imperative to develop buzz and momentum for a successful launch.

These are the key steps you need to consider before launching an ICO platform for raising funds.

What are the Recent Trends Associated with ICO Script Software?

If you are planning to launch the ICO platform, then you need to look for the latest trends associated with the crypto industry. Some of the latest trends are mentioned below.

Regulated Global Markets

Institutional money is closely tied to regulations and clear policies will improve the investments within the market. We have seen countries such as Japan and Thailand that are laying the groundwork for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Other countries such as the US and France are planning to march towards the next step in the field of ICO.

The intrusion of Institutional Money

The influx of institutional money can enhance the credibility of the token sale market and offer more fund-raising capital to quality ICO’s.

Professional ICO Management Platforms

Most of the ICO projects are dependent on traditional software to manage their token sale process. ICO’s have their own unique parameters and metrics which cannot be covered by legacy tools or spreadsheets. We will see a lot more ICO management and analytics tools emerge specifically for the crowdfunding industry.

(Note: When it comes to buying tokens in the ICO platform, investors need to register on the platform and complete the KYC verification process)

Wrapping up

With drastic changes happening in the ICO industry, most crypto startups and entrepreneurs are showing concern towards ICO Script Software. If you are planning to launch a feature-packed ICO platform within a few days, then you can get our outstanding ICO script software. Zab Technologies provides a wide range of services for all the Blockchain solutions that can be customized based on clients’ unique requirements. We offer the best-in-class ICO development services with top-notch outcomes at an affordable cost. If you require suggestions on the same, never hesitate to contact us anytime!! Our team experts are here to assist you right from ideation to deployment!

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