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ICO Script Software | Successful ICO Launch Strategy for your Business

Initial Coin Offering have been accepted as the way to increase the funds in the crypto space. New projects sell their tokens in exchange for Bitcoins or Ethereum. Companies raise their funds through ICO platform script software.

In that sense, Initial Coin Offering Platforms are similar to Initial Public Offering for private companies to seek public investment without tight regulation associated with raising funds in public and state-regulated exchanges. One thing is pretty clear. ICO’s are switching over different phases which is undoubtedly true.

From that perspective, the token sale market may look more like a traditional market, underlined with its own unique characteristics, than just a wild, fledgling hype. That makes it such an exciting space to be in!

To get into a deeper discussion, let us have a small recap on what an ICO actually is!


So What is an ICO? How to develop Ico Script Software?

In simple terms, an Initial Coin Offering is one of the Fundraising strategies. ICO is an entity with the value specified by an eminent. You can issue token of yourself and a token holder will be able to buy an hour of your work with these tokens. This literally means you can tokenize everything.

If you are planning to launch ico script php software you need to read out a few prerequisites before initiating the process. Here is a checklist to ensure:


Value of ICO Project

Tokens should match the value of the product that the company is developing to bring to market. It is mandatory that you know your target audience and the price they are willing to pay for your tokens.

It is suggested that to test run-ideas and get some initial feedback so that improvement can be done. It is imperative that you create an account with Reddit with a thread of Bitcoin Talk Forum.



To create the best ico script software, regulation should be taken into consideration. Make a plan in which country you are seeking to launch and pay close attention to the present and future cryptocurrencies.


Create an ICO token and distribution plan

Ethereum platform is the most suggested one where you can create ICO tokens and note down the basic tools required to create. There are a plethora of organizations ready to provide you with free ico script software but the thing you need to understand is token sales involve different stages.


Write a white paper

To launch ico dashboard script software it is crucial to have a whitepaper onboard with clear requirements stated. A Whitepaper is an essential document which contains the entire information explaining your project information, market analysis, vision, mission, business development, etc.

Make sure you draft this properly.


Launch of a website

A website is something you represent your organization in words. A website is a wealth of information about the team, the objectives, goals of ico crowdsale script software.


Community Building

Be active on popular platforms and media such as Slack, Telegram, etc to gain potential users. Added, Social Media’s such as Facebook, Twitter can be your next preferred choice. Building a community to popularize your tokens paves the way to a successful ICO launch.


Credible Support from the Industry

With a large number of crypto ico script software launched at a frequent interval, the presence of support from the industry is imperative to develop buzz and momentum for a successful launch.

These are the key steps you need to consider before launching an ico script for sale.


What are the recent trends associated with ico website script software?

While looking to launch the ICO platform, you need to look for the latest trends associated in the crypto industry!


Regulated Global Markets

Institutional money is closely tied-in to regulations and clear policies will improve the investments with the market. We have seen countries such as Japan, Thailand who are laying the groundwork for cryptocurrency regime.

Other countries such as the US, France are planning to march towards the next step in the field of ICO.


Intrusion of Institutional Money

The influx of institutional money can enhance the credibility of the token sale market and offer more fund-raising capital to quality ICO’s.


Professional ICO Management Platforms

  • Most of the ICO projects are dependent on traditional software to manage their token sale process.
  • ICO’s have their own unique parameters and metrics which cannot be covered by legacy tools or spreadsheets.
  • We will see a lot more ICO management and analytics tools emerge specifically for the token sale industry.

ICO services

So, what is the Hot News of ICO for now?

As ICO strategy successful in every single industry, there are a few winning stories associated:


Popular Cryptocurrency IronX Launched following $26 Million ICO

IronX is one of the trading platforms that was jointly established by IronFX and EmurgoHK, who are the developers of the ninth largest crypto cap Cardano in October last year!

This platform can now trade with currencies such as US Dollars, Euro, Japanese Yen, etc. Added, it supports coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ripple.

The Main Rule

When it comes to trading, investors need to register on the platform and pass KYC approval.

As said by Cointelegraph last week, CO analytics website TokenData found that in the first quarter of 2019, about $118 million had been raised through ICOs, which is over 58 times less than the $6.9 billion raised during the same period in 2018. The report also revealed that of the 2,500 projects that TokenData tracked since 2017, only 45 percent successfully raised money.


OkeX reveals first token sale through ICO

Yet another exchange platform termed to be OkeX has unveiled its decision to launch its first token sale through Initial Coin Offering. The sale marks the first attempt of the cryptocurrency exchange and joins the likes of other exchanges such as bitcoin ico script software, Bittrex, etc.

The project website combines the advantages of Future Internet Technology and Blockchain and how & where they function. This token sale uses a technique of subscription and allotment. This step of the OKEx will enable it to join the club of exchanges that offer fundraising services.


Planning to launch one?

With drastic changes happening in ICO industry, investors are showing concern towards Ico Script Software. If you are planning for one, you can contact us straight forth!

We Zab Technologies render wide-range of services for all the Blockchain solutions that can be customized on the basis of clients unique requirements. If you require suggestions on the same, never hesitate to contact us anytime!!

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