White Label Crypto Wallet Development – All you need to know!

White label Crypto wallet development
White Label Crypto wallet development

Cryptocurrency is growing by leaps and bounds since its launch in 2011. And now it is one of the most valuable digital assets in the crypto industry. With the growing economy of cryptocurrencies, there are several crypto-based businesses that have flourished in the virtual market. One such Business is a Crypto wallet business.

A Crypto wallet is an essential element in crypto trading that safely stores and transfers crypto assets. Basically, there are three different types of Crypto wallets namely, Hardware, software, and paper wallet. These types are classified according to the abilities and different options they offer. Regardless of crypto wallet type, every user holds at least a single wallet suitable to store their assets.     

Because of this, the need for a Cryptocurrency wallet business and Crypto wallet development increases and many startups are interested in starting a crypto wallet. Since it is a digital business, the Crypto wallet software development is the largest part of the Business process. 

Even though there are many approaches to develop crypto wallet, the White label seems to be the most promising approach in recent days. But why? Hence let us see the aspects of White Label Crypto Wallet development and why startups prefer it in detail in this article. 

What is a White Label Crypto Wallet?

White label crypto wallet is a tailor-made Crypto wallet software that is launch instantly after certain customization. The process of developing this software is white label crypto wallet development. This software contains essential trading and security features to make the wallet perform its operations flawlessly with high performance.

Features are the building block of the software. Also, it is important for the effective functioning of the crypto wallet software. Now, let us see the significant features of the white label cryptocurrency wallet. 

Exceptional Features of White label Crypto Wallet   

The most essential features integrate into white label crypto wallet development are, 

Multi-cryptocurrency support: The feature that supports popular cryptocurrencies so that the wallet users can convert their coins for different uses.

KYC process: It is a verification and identification process to authenticate the users that will help owners in checking the credibility of the users

Wallet backup: The wallet backup integrated into the software will help in retrieving the data lost in the malware and virus attack

Blockchain-based transactions: White label Crypto wallet replicates the abilities of blockchain. So that the transactions will be very fast and recorded safely in the distributed ledger.

User-friendly interface: An interpretable UI/UX design will give an easy experience for both the user and admin

QR code scanner: This feature allows automatic scanning of the wallet address. Hence it allows speed and convenient transactions. 

Identification of duplicate payments:  It identifies the duplicate payment and stops it on the spot to prevent the chargeback.

Compatibility: This white-label cryptocurrency wallet can be accessed from multiple devices and will be compatible with iOS, Android, and Linux.

Real-time conversion rates updates: A column of the wallet platform that gives updations on conversion rates, so that the users will be aware of the rates of their crypto assets. 

Transaction history: This feature shows the previous transactions to keep track of the spending and arrivals of the cryptocurrencies.

Push Notifications: Push notifications will allow admins to notify users about crypto transactions and price fluctuations. 

These are the trading features important to develop crypto wallet. Also, it will attract users to your Crypto wallet. Besides these user and admin features, the security features are very crucial in the development to protect software that holds the assets. Hence let us see that list of features in the next section

Notable Security features of White Label Crypto Wallet App

In white label crypto wallet development, very much special attention in integrating security features. The advanced security features that enable secure and compliant operations are, 

Multi-factor authentication: The user account is protected with multiple authentication processes. Every user has to cross these authentication steps to access their account which will give credibility to your wallet.

End-to-end encrypted transactions: The transactions are highly protected and encrypted with security mechanisms that are hard to hack and difficult to enter.

Role-based access control system: As an admin, you will be provided with control settings to manage and run the Crypto wallet platform. Also, the users are with separate settings to control their accounts. Both control systems are highly safe and secure. 

Transactions monitoring system: It keeps track of the trading activities like transfers, withdrawals, and deposits and notifies if any suspicious behaviour and money laundering is spotted during the activities.

Protected with Biometric: It authenticates your users with fingerprint and facial recognition. So that it prevents duplicate and unauthorized transactions.

Password-protected access: The path to your wallet is protected with a personal identification number that can be accessed only by your user.

Timely automatic Logout: This feature automatically logs out the wallet account if it is opened for a long time. It is an added advantage to the security features.

The white label software filled with these incredible features will make you stand unique in this competitive crypto world. Besides these features, there are other advantages explaining why the white label is choose by most Cryptopreneurs. Let us see that

Advantages of White Label Crypto Wallet Software

The premium advantages of the white label crypto wallet software are innumerable. Some of them are, 

Ready to deploy

The main advantage of white label approach is that they are readily available software. Maximum, it can be launch in just 7 to 14 days depending on the business requirements. So you can save time and a lot of money from your investment.

Customized according to the business essentials

Even though it is ready-made software, your white label software can adapt to changes according to your needs. So that you can showcase your unique business structure and service to users.

Strictly tested with the target audience

The customized white label software will be exhaustively tested before the launch. Mainly with the target audience to find the drawbacks and disadvantages of the software before the main launch.

Highly scalable and secure software

The white label cryptocurrency wallet is develop with high scalability to adapt to a wide range of audiences. Also, with advanced security features for safe transactions of Crypto assets.

Compatibility and high performance

The white label software develops to work on all platforms like Android, iOS, and Linux. The software will also give a flawless performance on different platforms with less latency and quick content loading.

Fast transactions

Since the crypto wallet software possesses the ability of blockchain, transactions of the crypto asset are very fast. It will give an easy and convenient trading experience for your users

Stunning user interface

White label cryptocurrency wallet software will be build with an interpretable user interface. It will give a smooth trading experience and an easy understanding of web pages so that users can easily use every product and service of the crypto wallet.

Can be used as a Standalone app

The standalone app stands for an application that can run without any external software. Hence this white label cryptocurrency wallet acts as a standalone app on all platforms. So that the users can use it wherever and whenever they want.

Thus these are various aspects of white label crypto wallet development. Overall, white label solutions can give numerous advantages to your business. In that case, you can reap more benefits and high ROI from outsourcing it only if you select a leading firm like ZAB Technologies for software development.

Why choose ZAB Technologies to develop White Label Crypto Wallet? 

ZAB Technologies is an exceptional Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company in the crypto industry. We are one of the pioneers in providing excellent development services. Also, we are popular in offering all kinds of blockchain development services with the best business results. We develop premium White Label Crypto Wallet Software with high-tech features. Other than this, we also offer development services in crypto exchange, crypto payment gateway, token development, and many more.

So, if you are a startup looking to build a wallet at an affordable cost with exemplary features, then hire our expert development team. We will help you in building a premium white label crypto wallet software that is easily customizable and error-free with reliable features and functionalities. Hire our experts today and start building your dream business.

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