The Hidden Benefits of Starting Initial Exchange Offering to Raise Funds


initial exchange offeringRecently, cryptocurrency is ruling the digital trading platforms and blockchain-based industry. Crypto coins are revolutionized as the process of fundraising. What is the significant and essential thing in our daily life?. Everyone’s answer will be money. Likewise, cryptocurrency plays a vital role in many industries and cryptocurrency trading platforms. In the blockchain industry, there are three major crowdfunding models for raising funds efficiently. They are ICO, IEO, and STO. here ICO was first entered into the blockchain marketplace.

Why should go for Initial exchange offering

Before the launch of Initial Exchange Offering(IEO), everyone preferred ICO websites to raise their funds. ICO is the Initial Coin Offering website and where newly released token sales will take place. But for today the situation has been entirely changed. Mostly 80% of ICO projects turned out to be scams. 

But investors and startups didn’t stop to raise their funds. So many prominent crypto exchange platforms launched the IEO launchpad to earn additional income. Startups and entrepreneurs started to use the IEO module from popular crypto exchanges to sell their recently released tokens in a secure manner. In this blog, let us figure out what an IEO launchpad is and the hidden benefits of launching an IEO.

what is IEO

IEO is the Initial exchange offering that acts as a module in most of the crypto trading platforms. IEO is entirely supervised by crypto exchanges instead of token issuers. It is a module or feature enabled in cryptocurrency trading platforms. In IEO, recently released new crypto tokens are sold to raise the funds quickly. We know that most of the ICO’s are scams. so most of the startups and entrepreneurs used the IEO module in the prominent crypto exchange platforms.

Many people started to say IEO is the evolution of ICO. It also follows the crowdfunding strategy. This module actually provides alternative trade for traders in the crypto trading market. If you already have a cryptocurrency exchange then you can easily enable the IEO feature for additional income. Else, you need to launch a crypto exchange platform to integrate the IEO module.

ICO can be developed by any blockchain developer. But IEO can be only launched by the exchange owner. So there is no possibility of the scammed token and fraudulent activities. The particular crypto exchange platform checks your project wisely with the separate team before selling the token in the IEO. Because on ICO websites there are many frauds and fake projects will take place. In order to overcome and avoid fraudulent activities and token scams, the IEO module is launched in many popular crypto exchanges.

Now you have a question on your mind.

How to Launch an Initial Exchange Offering(IEO)?

When coming to the IEO module, everyone can not launch the IEO’s like the ICO websites. We already know that anyone can create the ICO blockchain project and they can raise their funds. whereas in IEO only exchange platforms can launch or enable the IEO feature in their crypto exchanges.

But the process of launching the IEO is the same as the ICO. but there are some basic requirements. which are mandatory for both IEO and ICO blockchain projects. They are

  • The realistic business model
  • Tokens
  • The strong technical team backing the project
  • Updated with the latest integration
  • Security tools
  • Investors
  • Minimal viable product
Hidden Benefits of using Initial Exchange Offering(IEO)
  • IEO is more secure than other crowdfunding models because it is entirely monitored by crypto exchanges. Also, liquidity is high compared to ICO websites. You should note that only top-notch IEO development companies can offer IEO modules with a crypto exchange platform.
  • Anyone can develop ICO websites with help of blockchain developers. so there will be a few possibilities of scammed tokens. When it comes to IEO, the exchanger owners will check and verify their projects. After the verification process, the exchange owner will allow the token issuer to participate in the IEO. so that there will be no way of scammed tokens and fraudulent activities.
  • One of the major advantages of the initial exchange offering(IEO) is trust. By using the IEO module there will be very little chance of losing investors funds by scammers. It is due to some improper security aspects in crypto exchange platforms.
  • As I already mentioned in this blog, the main concept behind the IEO is crowdfunding. Also, there will be more trust compared to other crowdfunding models available in the crypto marketplace. 
  • IEO can make the crypto users take part in the stock market to raise the funds. which makes the startups, entrepreneurs, or business class people increase their profits.
  • Initial Exchange Offering(IEO) introduces the peer to peer network fundraising model. This crowdfunding module gives very strong confidence to crypto users while buying new tokens in crypto exchange platforms. 
  • This crowdfunding platform will be easier for startups and entrepreneurs projects.

If you are planning to launch an IEO module in your crypto exchange. Then we people in Zab technologies will assist you to launch the secured IEO feature in your crypto exchange. Else, we also help to launch crypto exchange with the help of our premium crypto exchange software with the IEO module at a reasonable price. 

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