How does a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform make money?

How does a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform make money_
How does a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform make money

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are known for their facilitation. Yes, No one likes to wait to exchange their money with their currencies for a week or two. Cryptocurrency is becoming the new currency mantra. The exchanges are done in a minute in this digital platform making the economy operate in an efficient way. Despite providing a valuable service, it is the cryptocurrency exchange platform that earns more profits in this current economic trend. So, it is best to start your cryptocurrency exchange business and multiply your profits. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways how cryptocurrency exchange platforms make money.


Cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms make a decent earning through commissions. Exchanges conducted in those trading platforms attract only a minimal amount as a commission considering the banks. But the profit lies in the quantity of customers trading and exchanging currencies. For instance, a cryptocurrency exchange platform puts 0.01% as a commission for exchanging platforms and it exchanges currencies worth 100 crore USD, then the profit earned would be standing at 10,000 dollars. Also, bulky one-time transactions attract a lump sum one-time fee for the transaction. Minimal charges increase the user value thereby helping you to grow your trading platform further.

Listing charges:

A cryptocurrency exchange platform can earn a considerable platform by listing. Listing attracts fees for the service and percentage of profits involved. A trading platform can attract charges for listing in coins and tokens. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO), STO, and IEO are some of the listings that can be done by the trading platforms to earn money. Exchange operators can earn a huge amount if there is a whopping amount of funds raised on the project. The listing charges depend on the terms and conditions of your cryptocurrency platform. Most of the exchange platforms demand to be paid in cryptocurrency in the range of 1 to 10 BTC for the service. So, going by the tide, you can deduce the listing fees to gain more momentum and profits.

But the fact is that the competition among the cryptocurrency exchange platforms had grown tremendously serious that many trading platforms are involving themselves in Wash trading operations. Wash trading is the method of improving traffic in many popular cryptocurrency websites and news sites. You need not involve in wash trading for improving your platform’s efficiency, but it is more important to manage your present customer base so that your platform acquires a growth in the future.

Create your Own market:

There is a known proverb which goes like “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”. That is right. You offer market trading in the same way as other cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms. But, if you provide trading in pairs where most of the trading platforms lack, then it is a revenue stream for the trading platform. For instance, EOS tokens are paired with the only USD in many exchange platforms. As most of the trading platforms will be providing only in USD dollars, there are more chances to make your trading platform stand out in the competition by providing an EOS/INR pair. Indians are getting aware of the cryptocurrency platforms and this uniqueness will improve the stability of your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Token sales and fund collection:

Token selling attracts a huge capital for a new start-up. A start-up entrepreneur who wants to invest in any business creates a token with the assistance of a cryptocurrency exchange platform. If this crowdfunding platform takes a hit, then a considerable share of profit will be sent to the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Actually, the trading platform earns certain benefits from the buyer of the tokens also. It is because, if the start-up does not earn targeted capital for his business, he returns the cryptocurrency to the buyers which are a reversal process. So, It is a win-win for the cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms if they initiate a crowdfunding platform.

Introducing Air-drops:

This has a minimal yet powerful impact. This is a type of increasing the traders base for the cryptocurrency platform. A growing trade platform introduces Airdrops to excite the traders. Airdrops may be of any form like providing free bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency or providing some discounts in trading in particular cryptocurrencies. Airdrops would also be suggested by certain cryptocurrency owners to the platforms themselves and so, cryptocurrency gets fair pricing from the owners with an increase in the user base, which also sounds to be a win-win situation.

The cryptocurrency exchange business is the most preferred business in the present era. As the sprouting of cryptocurrency is growing so fast, it is good to start your cryptocurrency exchange platform to expand your business and earn more profits. So, the above-discussed methods are some of the unique methods in which the cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms earn money.

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